Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Look! Another Blog!

I have been sitting on this domaine for...an embarrassingly long time.  Now that I feel I have something actually interesting to write about, I thought I’d try this out (again).  Most of my attempts at blogging have ended in dismal failure, but I have high hopes for this one!

In a moment of madness, I agreed to participate in a 40 Day Yoga Challenge the yoga studio I practice at (Yoga Yoga) is running.  Many of you have asked me questions about the challenge, what it entails, and why I'm doing it, and in the process of answering your questions, I realized I didn't actually know the answers.  And, of course, this blog was just languishing around feeling sorry for itself.   It seemed logical to use this space to talk about the challenge and my progress. 

Hopefully, the next post (I'm considering it the inaugural post since this one's mainly business) will answer a lot of the questions you already have asked me.  If it sparks more questions or comments post those thoughts in the comment section!  I'm hoping this can turn into more of a conversation than a bunch of journal entries thrown haphazardly into cyberspace.  For the next 40 days, I'll talk mostly about the 40-Day challenge, but not exclusively.

What is the 40-Day Challenge?
Yoga Yoga challenges its students to practice yoga at their studio every day for 40 consecutive days.  Apparently some researcher has decided that it takes 40 days to establish a new habit, so the idea is that yoga practitioners can use the 40 Day Challenge to establish a new habit of yoga practice.  It makes sense, actually. If I can practice yoga every day for the next 40 days, I can go to a yoga class three times a week for the rest of the year.

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