Friday, October 7, 2011

Closet Makeover

It's that time in the semester when the academic work starts piling up.   Add to that a high school theatre conference and an inconvenient car accident, and I am suddenly buried under mountains of work.  What does this mean?

Organization Tiem!

See, I joined this site called pinterest and there are tons of crafty people on there with interesting ideas for organizing spaces.  I ended up making a list of things to do and re-do around the apartment, and the closet happened to be the first thing on the list.

So before we get too much further, the before pictures.  Witness the horrifying horribleness of my closet!  (and this is cleanish)

This is a shelf which started as t-shirt storage and became "what can I throw here" storage

And in my defense, Gus (my cat(  has this weird facination with shoes.  He likes to sleep on them, hence the nest-o-shoes.

So, a few things had to be done.  The T-shirts needed to be contained in something.  I have a bunch of scarves that were mushed up in my Ikea hangy bag that needed a space of their own, and the shoes needed a method of containment (although it was very important that there still be a few available for Gus to sleep on)

So a trip to target, a little driving of screws, and some re-organizing, and here is the finished product:

Target was having a sale on plastic hangars, so I spent all of $2 to buy a whole bunch, and I replaced all the wire hangars in my closet.  It felt it bit fussy, but it makes the whole thing look so much cleaner.  And now hopefully my clothes will stop falling off their hangars.

Here's the solution to the T-shirt problem:  A basket!  And instead of shoving all the scarves into a bag, they're now hanging very prettily on their own little plastic hooks.  The best part about this is it will leave absolutely no damage on the walls (hopefully)
I'm especially proud of my shoe solution.  A teeny shelf!  It actually took less time to build this than it did to re-hang all the clothes in my closet.  Now I know exactly where everything is, I can see it, and The most commonly worn shoes are on the floor (where Gus can sleep on them)

So that's the great closet makeover.  All in all it took maybe an hour, tops (not counting the target run, which always takes longer than it should).  Next I'm tackling the couch and general "living room" area, which will involve a little more diy-ing.

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